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Service Level Agreement
Information about service commitment and guarantees.

Service Commitment

Exmasters is committed to providing a reliable, high-quality network to support its high-speed Internet access, security, and data services. As part of this commitment, Exmasters is pleased to offer the following guarantees:
• Installation guarantee
• Network availability guarantee
• Network latency guarantee
• Packet delivery guarantee
• Response time guarantee
If Exmasters fails to meet any of these guarantees, it will provide eligible customers with a service credit, as set forth below in this Service Level Agreement.


Exmasters guarantees 99.9% Network Availability, as calculated from the ingress to and egress from the Exmasters Network. For customised customers with High-Availability solutions, the guarantee is 100%. A customer who experiences Network Unavailability may receive Service Credits, calculated monthly as an aggregate of all Service Unavailability events, in accordance with the following:
• Service unavailable < 15 minutes: No Service Credit
• Service unavailable 15 minutes < 3 hours: 10% of the monthly payment
• Service unavailable 8 hours < 12 hours: 20% of the monthly payment
• Service unavailable 12 hours < 16 hours: 50% of the monthly payment
• Service unavailable 16 hours < 24 hours: 75% of the monthly payment
• Service unavailable for 24 or more hours: 100% of the monthly payment
Note: If the outage is caused by customer, there is no any credit. Its often caused by overloading the server and if the hardware configuration is lower, it may cause high server load.
This Service Level Agreement is valid from creating account and pay for the services until cancelling the account and cancelling all payments.