Virtual Hosting

Virtual Hosting

Here are our plans of shared virtual hosting. Shared hosting is very popular option for those who don't need own server or additional hardware and it's popular for it's low price and simplicity of setup and using.

Virtual Shared Plans

Plan V1 1 GB $2.59 Details
Plan V2 10 GB $4.90 Details
Plan V3 50 GB $9.50 Details
Plan V4 100 GB $17.50 Details
Plan V5 500 GB $29.00 Details
Plan V6 1000 GB $45.00 Details

Our Advantages

  • You can upgrade/downgrade your plan anytime, even in middle of the month
  • We use strong hardware and quality multihomed network, so it allows us to keep your sites up and without any interruption of service. Each plan include 24/7 technical support.
  • Our Control Panel allows you to manage your sites like domain management, email accounts, web server/apache functions, detailed traffic statistics, online billing, DNS management and more
  • Activation today! You can select between EUR or US location.

If you need help to choose the right plan, don't hesitate to contact us.