Server Management

Dedicated Servers - Management

Managing of the servers

We offer three levels of server managing:

Level 1 (default with any server)

It covers all usual server tasks
• Free 24/7/365 Support System
• Free soft and hard server reboots
• Free server & system installation (Apache, FTP, MySQL, PHP, CG-BIN/Perl, E-mails, etc.)
• Free hardware replacement (one hour guarantee)
• Free ping monitoring
• Free help with installation or setup scripts (trading, tube, CMS, etc.)
• Free installation of additional system libraries and modules
• Free help with content moving from elsewhere
• Free help with analyzing of possible system or server problems

Level 2 (better)

• Everything in Level 1
• All security and other OS software updates
• Help with custom DNS configuration
• Individual help with server configuration (Apache, E-mails, FTP, PHP, etc.)
• Advanced pro-active monitoring with automatic restart (ping, http, uptime, mysql)
• Help with special scripts and applications

Level 3 (the best)

• Everything in Level 1 & 2
• Complete server administration: software install, configuration, security upgrades and full management
• Individual help with any problem or request (also e.g. complicated 3rd scripts et.)

Control Panels

With control panel you can do advanced configuration of your server and also add-edit domains, emails etc.
Our control panel
Direct Admin
Plesk Panel

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